Rural Transformation

Automation of activities of Gram panchayat

NICT has taken voluntarily the automation of Amlaha Gram Panchayat, District Sehore. As we belive that for actual e-governance happening simultaneously with Top to Bottom approach, Bottom to Top Approach is also required. The entire project is without any financial support/grant from the Govt. or any other agency and all the R& D cost is beared by NICT. Mixed Approach of T-B and B-T Approach has resulted better implementation.

To enhance coverage Bottom to Top Approach was adopted with Amlaha Gram Panchayat Automation. The first phase of the project is roled out and almost 80 % activities of Gram Panchayat are now automated .

Automation of activities of Gram panchayat

1 Administrative Work.
2 Issue of Certificates.
3 Accounting.
4 Tax collection.
5 MIS Collection and Reports.


IT Kiosk at 15 District Collectrorates

NICT has made a replica of intranet based setup in 15 districts. Network of IT Kiosks at approximately 150 locations.

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